digital_currency_casinoPlayers might not realize it, but playing on a digital currency casino can actually be a very wise decision for those seeking an alternative means of gambling on the Internet. Yes, players are indeed still playing for “real money” when using digital currencies since these can often be converted back to fiat currency through third party brokers, so players needn’t be under the impression that digital currencies are nothing more than play money. After all, real money was used to purchase digital currency in the first place! So, why are digital currency casinos a good choice when it comes to playing games on the Internet? Let’s find out.

Digital Currency Casinos Offer High Payout Rates

While this isn’t a general rule of thumb per se, the most successful casinos are those that offer the highest payouts to their customers. Fortunately for players, it’s not a matter of guesswork or relying on independent reviews from other sources. Players can take all of the possibilities out of the equation by reviewing the information contained within the block chain. [Read More...]

bitcoin_gemstoneIt’s no secret that Black Friday changed the course of online casino gaming in the United States forever. At the best of times, gaming from an American-based computer is a frustrating or usually impossible feat for players to try and surpass. One of the main problems associated with this is due to the extremely limited amounts of withdrawal methods that are available to American players. While there’s no problem getting money into a casino, trying to withdraw it back to a bank account can often send up red flags with gambling authorities and the federal government has been putting the heat on banks and financial institutions around the country to crack down on this type of activity. The majority of services decided it just wasn’t worth it and closed their doors to Americans. [Read More...]

bitcoin_currency_walletThere are a growing number of online casinos that are beginning to accept digital currencies. While they’re under no legal obligation to do so, accepting digital currencies means that casinos are staying on top of their game and keeping up with this revolutionary way of completing transactions over the Internet. However, it’s important to note that cryptocurrencies are decentralized and this carries specific implications for how casinos will actually work when it comes time to start playing online games. What do players need to know? Let’s review some of the leading issues surrounding the use of digital currencies in a gaming setting.

Platforms are Often Proprietary

When it comes time to choose an online gaming platform, players often find that they’re proprietary when it comes to deposit and withdrawal methods. That is, players can usually only transfer their funds using digital currencies or fiat currencies: the traditional currencies we’re familiar with in our day to day lives. [Read More...]

gaming_licenseThere’s a lot of talk in the online gaming community with regards to licenses. Casinos are often quick to tout their licenses as a means of encouraging new players, but these are often misrepresented quite a bit. After all, a lot of these online gaming licenses are held in developing countries, so what is the actual protection and regulation afforded by them? The honest truth is that there isn’t a whole lot of benefits to playing a licensed website. Of course, casinos with licenses aren’t going to be any worse because of their license, but players shouldn’t be under the guise that their licenses are giving them financial protection in the event of a collapse.

Licenses Don’t Equal Safety

Many players are under the impression that a website’s license automatically makes it a safe website. This isn’t strictly the case. Because many of these licenses are held in other countries, they’re not always in existence to protect players outside of that particular country. An American gambling on a developing European service with similar accreditation isn’t likely to be reimbursed in the event of a collapse. It would be wisest to stick with regulation licenses granted from more worldly powers, but these unfortunately do not exist as of yet. [Read More...]

bitcoin_coinsWith so many casinos that accept Bitcoins popping up on the Internet, it’s not unusual to wonder just how to limit the amount of prospects and choose the best casino to suit your needs. Fortunately, the Bitcoin network itself makes it very easy to go about choosing the right casino. There’s a fair bit of number crunching involved, but in doing so, the casinos who are offering the best odds will quickly reveal themselves. So, how should players go about choosing the right gaming platform for them? Let’s find out.

Read the Block Chain

The most important thing to review when choosing a gaming service is to review the block chain associated with the casino’s address. When bets are taken and payouts are made, these will be documented within the ledger of transactions and the best prospects will be very clear. Obviously, players want to choose a service that’s offering the highest amount of payouts against the number of bets the casino is taking in. This will only be revealed in the block chain. Players shouldn’t be under the guise that “user testimonials” and other reviews are accurate and truthful. It’s best to stick with what players know is the truth: the block chain. [Read More...]

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